Thursday, November 29, 2012

Cardio Day - 11/29

Cardio Day
HIIT Cardio boxing circuit:
-5 min walking/jogging (warm-up)
-20 min:
     30 sec alternating punches (quick and fast; keep those feet moving)
     30 sec right right left, left left right punches
     30 right left right left punch, kick (alternating legs)
     60 sec rest
-5min walking (cool-down)

Does anyone else get addicted to a fun type of cardio?! In the summer, I just LOVE running outside with the added challenge of hills and the hot heat, but lately I've been obsessed with boxing! I am not the biggest fan of kickboxing classes because I like to go at my own pace and make it a HIIT session as opposed to a long class - always fearing muscle burning! If you try this workout, I promise you that you will walk out drenched and feeling amazing :)

TRAINING TIP THURSDAY: See previous post for phase 2 of our training. We spent the past several weeks building muscle with increased weights and slightly increased calories. Now it's time to decrease the calories a bit, stick to an extremely clean meal plan, and lose some body fat! This process will be 4 weeks, and everyday I will be posting the new, exciting, and unique workouts. Only 28 days to a better body and a happier you!

FIT TIP: when it comes to cardio, make it fun & not a chore. I love doing cardio with my boyfriend because we push each other, yet have a great time with loud music and laughs! It's chilly out there (if you're in the northern US like me)... be sure to bundle up to/from the gym and get in a good warm up!


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